What is Einkorn Wheat?

Einkorn Wheat

It has fourteen chromosomes. Einkorn wheat contains high protein, carotenoid and tocol. {Carotenoids form carotene with its chemical structure. It contains oxygen. It is fat soluble. There are two main types, alpha-carotene (α-carotene) and beta-carotene (β-carotene). Taking too much has no toxic effect. However, it may cause discoloration on the skin. An example of carotenemia is the discoloration of the palms of the hands when consuming too much carrots.

Although there are about 600 carotenoids in total, 40 of them are found in our food. Possible carotenoids are carotenes, lycopene, lutein and cryptoxanthins. Carotenoids are antioxidants and take part in body defense. It constitutes the main activity group against immunity, anticancer, cardiovascular diseases. It destroys free radicals and is effective against bad cholesterol. They prevent DNA damage. Therefore, they protect against cancer. They turn into vitamin A and take on constructive tasks in eye and reproductive functions.

Tokol is mostly found in oilseeds. It is also called tocopherol or tocotrienols. It provides the prevention of degrading processes and is an antioxidant}.

Siyez wheat is our cultural heritage of approximately 10,000 years. It is rich in minerals, protein, ash, oil and fiber. Its production in Turkey is mostly done in Kastamonu province (mostly in the districts of Seyçiler, Devrekani and İhsangazi). It is a product with tight husk and a single spikelet. Einkorn wheat constitutes 43% of the total wheat production in Kastamonu. Even in Kastamonu, 80% of this wheat, which is found to be very valuable, is used as animal feed. The reason for this is that it is difficult to process due to its shell structure. Morphologically, it is smaller than other wheat species. Bran and endosperm are very tightly bound together and contain high bran.

Einkorn Bread

It was concluded that einkorn bread contains relatively high fat, protein and carotenoid and high lutein compared to white bread (Hendek Ertop, 2019).

Siyez Wheat is resistant to harsh climatic conditions. It has been able to spread even in semi-arid and even arid areas. It has a diploid structure. It has 2n chromosomes and has been carried from ancient times to the present. Its tight husk has enabled it to resist diseases and pests.

History of Siyez Wheat

Siyez is the ancestor of wheat. Archaeological findings take us back 10 to 12 thousand years. It was determined that it was first found in Göbeklitepe (Urfa Karacadağ) in the world. It has formed the basic food of people who have settled down. Its traces can be found on the Hittite civilization reliefs. The term “ZIZ” was used for einkorn in the Hittites and Sumerians. Its cultivation was started in countries such as Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Ethiopia and spread to Europe and the Balkans.

Einkorn Flour Production and Flow Chart

Since einkorn flour is produced from whole grains, it contains bran. This bran, which is not separated into the yield calculation, was also added and found to be 55% on average. Considering that the yield in bread wheat is around 85%, it limits its choice.

The production steps of einkorn flour are briefly as follows;

  • Weeds, seeds, grain pests (wheat aphids, moths, moths, etc.) and stone fragments are separated by passing through the garbage purifier.
  • The shell is cracked with the help of “stone mill”
  • It is taken to the garbage separator again and the shell is separated
  • Passed through stone separator
  • It is passed through the peeler and the radial comb, respectively.
  • Finally, it is adjusted and processed in the mill according to the desired sieve thickness.
  • Verification of sieve integrity by sieve analysis

I gave the flowchart example by analogy with the company I worked for before. It may be possible to facilitate the process with more advanced devices. The amount of shell that comes out is considerable 🙂

Einkorn Wheat Products

With the trend of healthy eating, the trend towards low glycemic index wheat has increased. Einkorn, which has a high bioavailability, forces the order of preference in diet lists. The use groups that can be procured in Turkey are as follows;

  • Siyez Flour Baby Biscuit
  • Einkorn Bread
  • Einkorn Bulgur
  • Einkorn Flour
  • Einkorn Paste
  • Siyez Flour Pasta
  • Siyez Bagel
  • Einkorn Cookies
Einkorn Bulgur

What are the benefits of einkorn wheat?

Before starting this topic, Dr. I would like to talk about a work that won the Nobel Prize for Norman Borlaug. This work, which is called the green revolution, tells about the abandonment of heirloom seeds with various breeding methods for more production. However, the hybrid seeds he developed have gradually increased many diseases, especially obesity, wheat allergy and celiac disease.

In the study, it was determined that einkorn wheat has a lower effect on gliadin toxicity on diseased individuals compared to bread wheat. There are studies that einkorn does not cause this toxicity or it causes less.

Due to its low glycemic index, it prevents chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. The amount of phytic acid is high. This prevents DNA damage by destroying free radicals.

Reduces the risk of eye disease, Limits Allergy Symptoms, Helps You Lose Weight, May Help Delay the Onset of Type 2 Diabetes, Fight Diseases with Phenolic Acids, Contains Less Gluten

Nutritional Value of Einkorn Wheat

You can access it by clicking here

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