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Karakılçık Bread on Sale in İzmir Public Bread

Karakılçık bread reached a total production figure of over 15 thousand in 7 months at İzmir Halk Ekmek factories. Awareness of non-genetically modified seeds is increasing day by day. While the fact of obesity is clear in front of us, consumers are satisfied with its smell and satiety due to the fibrous structure of wheat. It is also among the consumer comments that the bread spoils later. Karakılçık harvest continues on growing agricultural lands.

Currently, there are 84 kiosks in İzmir, and karakılçık bread is sold at a price of 22 lira/1 kg.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality purchased Karakılçık wheat from the producer for double the base price determined by the government (14 TL/Kg).

Karakılçık Wheat Will Be Distributed in Menteşe

Cultivar, which has been started to be produced in the fields belonging to the municipality, stands out as a product that does not require water, is efficient and low in gluten.

Muğla’s Menteşe Municipality has started to harvest karakılçık wheat within the scope of the “We produce for our future” project. The seeds obtained will be distributed free of charge for planting. Karakılçık was planted in a total area of 36 decares, mainly in Kafaca, Yeşilyurt and Ortaköy neighborhoods.

Karakılçık also started to be produced as animal feed in the region.

The Joy of Karakılçık Harvest in Kemalpaşa Ulucak

İzmir Kemalpaşa Municipality harvested the karakılçık wheat, which it planted in Ulucak district, within the scope of the ancestral seed dissemination project. The project, which started with 20 acres in 2020, has reached a total area of 200 acres today. The project, which plans to pass on the climate, agricultural and geographically resistant karakılçık wheat to future generations, is also an opportunity to support agriculture.

Karakılçık Harvest in Aydın Efeler

Efeler Municipality made the first harvest of karakılçık wheat, which it brought together with the soil. Planting in the idle agricultural lands in Işıklı district yielded 2.5 tons of yield in 10 acres of land. Stating that some of the products obtained are separated for flour and some for seeds, the municipality stated that the flour will be offered for sale in Efe Grocery Stores.

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